A Full Guide to Risk-Free Matched Betting in the United States

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A complete guide to matched betting in the United States.

While matched betting may not yet be available in the United States, if you take the time to learn about it now, you’ll be ready to start earning risk-free profits as soon as matched betting does become available!

So what is matched betting, and how can we make 100% guaranteed profit by placing bets online?

Around the world, there are a ton of bookmakers, or bookies, that are all competing for your business. Because those bookies want you to bet on their site, they’re willing to give away promos each week.

For example, a bookie like FanDuel may offer:

Bookies give out big bonuses to new users, as well as bonuses each week to entice users to place more bets.

Bookies know that they may lose a little money on that free bet, but for regular users (not us), the bookie knows they’ll make that money back in no time at all (After all, The House Always Wins)

As long as bookies like FanDuel have people placing regular bets, FanDuel will always make money.

BUT, with Matched Betting, we can turn these free bets into guaranteed cash!!

Check this out:

There are two types of bets – 

A Back bet (Saying a team or player will win)

And a Lay Bet (Saying a team or player will not win

So let’s look at the 2021 Super Bowl: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Kansas City Chiefs:

If I bet on the Chiefs to win, I am backing the Chiefs

If I bet on the Chiefs to not win (that’s a Chief loss OR draw), I am laying the Chiefs.

So let’s say I put $50 to back the Chiefs, and $50 to lay the Chiefs. Win-Win, right?

Not quite.

If I put $50 of my own money to back the Chiefs, and $50 of my own money to lay the Chiefs, one of two things will happen (let’s assume both pay a 1.5x payout.

Chiefs win, and I win about $75, for a total loss of $25 ($75 Win – $50 Chiefs Back – $50 Chiefs Lay)

Chiefs lose, and I win about $75, for a total loss of $25 (($75 Win – $50 Chiefs Back – $50 Chiefs Lay)

Not great. 

BUT, what if one of those $50 bets was free?

Let’s look at those two super bowl scenarios again, but this time, with a free Chiefs Back:

Chiefs win, and I win about $75, for a total gain of $25 ($75 Win – $0 Chiefs Back – $50 Chiefs Lay)

Chiefs lose, and I win about $75, for a total gain of $25 (($75 Win – $0 Chiefs Back – $50 Chiefs Lay)

Now we’re making guaranteed profit using our free bets!

Hold on, is this legal?

Matched betting is very popular around the world, and 100% legal. We are simply using the free bets that the bookies give to us to bet on our favorite teams.

An important thing to remember is that about half the time, your free bet will lose (but we’ll still make money from our paid bet on another site)

So this isn’t like counting cards, where you’re winning every hand – you’re just playing the game!

So how can we use these ideas to make risk-free profit?

Betting around the world is super popular, which makes bookies go above and beyond to get bettors onto their sites.

Every week, bookmakers give out bonuses for free bets, parlay insurance, boosts, and more, which we can easily transition into cash!

When you start out with matched betting, you will likely have more free bets than you can even use! Meaning the only limit on your earnings are your time and energy! How cool is that!

Plus, there are a ton of websites and guides available that calculate the exact amount to bet for each game, maximising your earnings without needing to be a math whiz.

Let’s look at a real life example.

FanDuel has the following available for tonight’s NBA game between the Indiana Pacers and the Chicago Bulls:

There are a lot of betting options here, but to keep it simple, we’re just going to bet on the Money Line, which is just betting on a team to win.

What’s all these + & -??

Each game will have a favorite (more likely to win) and an underdog (less likely to win)

The favorite is listed with a minus (-) sign, and the underdog is listed with a plus (+) sign.

So we see that the Pacers are listed as the favorite (-225) and the Bulls are listed as the underdog (+188)

Let’s say we do a normal bet of $100.

If the underdog Bulls win (at “+188”), our $100 bet will win us $188 (for a total of $288).

But because the Pacers are expected to win (being the “favorite”), they will pay less than your original bet. In this case, you will need to put down a bet of $225 (at “-225”) in order to win $100 (for a total of $325)

We’re going to want to bet on the underdog at our bookie, which in this case is the Bulls.

Then, we’re going to need to learn about betting exchanges.

What is a betting Exchange?

A betting exchange is a different kind of bookmaker, which allows betters to bet directly against each other, instead of against a bookie (like FanDuel).

The best part of a betting exchange is that we can back or lay a team on a betting exchange, where on a regular bookie we could only back a team. The top betting exchange is betfair.com.

The final piece to the matched puzzle is a betting calculator to inform us the perfect amount to bet and lay for each team.  A great place to start is at bonusbank.com – 

By using their calculator, we can see that if we were to use a free $50 bonus bet to back the Bulls on FanDuel (at 1.88 odds), we should lay their opponenets the Pacers for $28.66 (at 1.56 odds)

So now we have two outcomes:

  1. The Bulls win – Our $50 FanDuel bet hits, and we take home $44 of free profit. We subtract the $28.66 from our failed lay bet for a final profit of: $12.61
  2. The Pacers win – our $50 FanDuel bet fails, but it was free, so we lose nothing! Our lay bet hits, and we earn $44. We subtract our initial bet of $28.66 from our winnings for a final profit of $12.61

Do you see what’s happening?

Either way, If the Bulls win, or if the Bulls don’t win (AKA Pacers win or draw), we make $12.61!

Can we place 10 of those bets in a day to make $126 per day?

Can we place 100 of those in a month to make $12,600 a month?

What’s the Catch?

Naturally, nothing is ever as easy as it sounds. However, the only way you can fail with matched betting is with Human Error. That means mistakes when calculating bets, misreading odds, or not understanding the terms and conditions needed for each bonus. If you take it slow at first, and make sure you understand exactly what you’re doing, you’ll be making easy money in no time!

The other potential problem is capital. In order to get these bonuses, bookies often require you to deposit cash first. Then, you need to have enough money in your betfair account to cover any losses (even though you will be making that money back + more in your bookie account).

An example is if you place a $50 bet at 10:1 odds, you can win $500 at FanDuel. However, you will be matching this bet for around $450 at betfair, so you need have enough cash to pay out that $450 loss.

Capital is easily gained through slow and steady matched betting, as your reserves will grow at the bookie as well as at the betting exchange, meaning over time you won’t need to worry about capital nearly as much.

Is matched betting available in your state yet? Check out my article here to find out, and sign up here to be notified of when risk-free matched betting is available in your area!

Good luck!

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