Is Fantasy Betting Different Than Matched Betting?

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Fantasy vs Sportsbook – What’s the difference?

Sports betting companies like FanDuel offer a variety of services, including both Sportsbook and Fantasy modes.

Online Fantasy betting involves selecting a team of players from a sport, and creating your own team. Each player receives points for their in-game performance, and your team competes against other bettor’s teams to win cash and prizes.

The US government has deemed online Fantasy to be a skill-based game, as opposed to a luck-based game (aka gambling). Because Fantasy is a skill-based game, it is much more widely available. FanDuel Fantasy is only not available in the following 9 states: Arizona, Alabama, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Washington state.

Online Fantasy does offer a lot of similarities to what we look for in matched betting, such as free bet bonuses, but it does not have a counterpart (aka a betting exchange), so it cannot be used for matched betting.

A Sportsbook is a bookie (like FanDuel) who lets you bet on real-life sports matches, where you win or lose depending on what happens in the game. For example, here is the info for an upcoming NBA game:

You can choose to bet on the spread (which team will win, with a handicap), the moneyline (which team will win, no handicap), or the total over under (will the total points scored be over or under 221 points?)

The sportsbook is where matched betting opportunity lies, as bookies like FanDuel are always offering free bets and bonuses to betters, like the one below:

We can make a break-even bet to unlock that $25 credit, then use a matched bet to turn that $25 credit into $20 cash! You can learn more about that process here.

So, while Fantasy betting can be fun, and is more widely available than sportsbook betting, it unfortunately isn’t a viable way to make risk-free profit, which is what matched betting is all about!

Curious to see if online sportsbook betting is available in your state? Click here to check the current list of states!

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