Is Sports Betting Different Than Casino Betting in the US?

Trying to understand the United States’ stance on sports betting vs fantasy betting vs casino betting can be very confusing, especially when each has an online portion as well! Let’s look at each one separately, and see how they play into matched betting in the US.

Casino Betting

Many states have legal, in-person casinos. These are the MGMs, Bellagios, and Cesar’s Palaces of the country. Think big fountains, slot machines, and blackjack.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino - Official Site

Many states have also legalized online casinos – these can be accessed on familiar apps like FanDuel, and have games like roulette and blackjack that you can play with real money.

As of March 2021, FanDuel casino is only available in PA, MI, and NJ.

As matched betters, we’re not interested in the casino apps, there is simply no way to guarantee profit, even if we use free bonus-bets. With matched betting, we are only interested in guaranteed profit.

Online Fantasy Sports Betting

Sites like FanDuel also offer Fantasy Sports Betting – where you draft a team of athletes, and their real-life performance gets your in-game points to compete for cash.

While Fantasy apps do offer free bonuses, they don’t transfer to sportsbook apps

Fantasy apps are closer to what we want, as the fantasy scene is very competitive, which means bookies like FanDuel are always giving out promos like the one above. However, we still can’t convert those free bets into guaranteed profit, which are the only kind of bets we want.

Online Sportsbooks

The third option we have, and the one that will actually result in risk-free profit, is the online Sportsbook. This is the newest of the 3 options, and is only legal in a handful of states (click here to see if sportsbooks are legal in your state).

Sportsbooks allow betting on individual games, like this NBA game:

If you’re in a state that allows online sports gambling, you can place a bet on this NBA game! If you combine that with a free bet from a FanDuel promo, and a lay bet at a betting exchange (click here to learn about betting exchanges in the US), then you’ve got a risk-free matched bet!

In conclusion, we want to use Online Sportsbooks to place bets. Online Fantasy and Online Casinos will not get the job done for matched betting.

Want to learn how to make risk-free cash from matched betting? Check out our guide here.

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