Can I do US Sports Betting outside of a Legal State?

Online sports betting is quickly becoming legalized and popular in the United States, but as of now it is only legal in these states.

Can you do sports betting outside of a legal state? What about with a VPN?

Unfortunately, no you cannot do US Sports Betting outside of a legal state – online sportsbooks require you to have a separate app on your phone or desktop.

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For example, bet365 requires a GeoComply app on your desktop:

This gets around any VPNs or tricks you may have in an attempt to convince the bookies that you are in a state that has legalized sports betting.

No, you cannot get around Geo-apps to do sports betting outside of a legal state.

Some good news though, is that you do not need to be a permanent resident of one of these legalized states – You only need to be physically within their borders. This means you can visit a legal state like New Jersey, place some bets, then return home while your profits come in!

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