Is Matched Betting Legal in the United States?

YES! Matched betting is 100% legal anywhere you do it.

HOWEVER, this is different than the question “Is Matched Betting available in the United States?”

Matched betting is only available in certain states. Once sports betting becomes legal in the rest of the states, matched betting will become available!

So, is matched betting legal in the United States?

Matched betting and arbitrage betting are completely legal in the United States. All we are doing is taking the odds that bookkeepers like FanDuel and DraftKings have presented us, and making the best bets in order minimize risk and maximize payoff!

Bookkeepers like FanDuel love offering promos, most will lose money, matched betters will make money!

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But, just because it is legal, does not mean the bookies like it! Bookies cannot take any legal action against matched betters, but if they hate it when betters win too much! If they suspect you of matched or arbitrage betting, they may restrict your betting, or freeze your account all together – Don’t worry though, you would still be able to withdraw any deposits and winnings you had.

So, how do you avoid bookkeeper attention?

The best way to avoid bookkeeper attention is to keep your bets looking normal – If an arbitrage calculator tells you to be $34.52, be sure to round that up to $35, as specific bets are a dead giveaway to betters trying to outsmart the bookkeepers.

Be sure to bookmark, and keep an eye out for a future article about “mugging.” This will give a lot more information about how to avoid getting your account frozen on major bookkeepers!

In the meantime, click here to see if sports betting is available in your state, or click here to read up about betting exchanges in the United States! There are a ton of opportunities to make money with sports betting in the United States, such as arbitrage betting.

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