What are the Main US Sportsbooks for Matched Betting?

There are plenty of online US sportsbooks, all perfect for matched betting! Granted, most are only available in certain states. When your state becomes available, you will want to know which sportsbooks to use!

Note: I do not link any of the sportsbooks as their websites will know you are coming from a matched betting website – not a good first step! Just copy and paste the URLs into your browser.

Here are the main US Sportsbooks for Matched Betting:

US Regulated vs. Offshore Sportsbooks | Moneyline.com
We want to stay with US regulated Sportsbooks to avoid sketchy betting







And many more!

Looking to start with some of those websites with arbitrage betting? Click here for a full free guide. Also, be sure to read about the difference between fantasy betting and sports betting by clicking here. The last step to successful matched betting is using a betting exchange, which you can read about here. Now get started!

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